How I Met Your Mother, shocking season finale

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that first aired on CBS on September 19, 2005. The show follows the main character Ted Mosby and a group of his friends who live in Manhattan. Ted is a young architect who enjoys spending his time with his four friends, Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney, at their favorite bar McLarens Pub. The pilot episode begins in the year 2030, when Ted is explaining to his kids how he is going to tell them (in detail) about how he met their mother. The show goes on to tell silly stories about the things that Ted and his friends would do. Ted goes through many girlfriends throughout the entire show. His most serious girlfriends are Robin, Stella, and Victoria. The show initially received positive reviews however, the later seasons received some mixed review, especially the last season, and especially the season finale.

For the most part, after watching the season finally of How I Met Your Mother, fans were outraged. It was all I was reading about on Twitter and Facebook. The big question was “who is Ted going to end up with.” I found a review of this episode by Alan Sepinwall, . For the most part Sepinwall was “annoyed.” However, he realized that the writers of the show had to stick to their plan that they created in the beginning of the show. He explained, “Because this was horrible. This ignored everything that had happened between Ted and Robin, between Robin and Barney, between Ted and Barney and, especially, between Ted Evelyn Mosby and Tracy McConnell, all because once upon a time, this is what Bays and Thomas wanted to do.” (Bays and Thomas are the writers.) He also says “And the problem is that at a certain point the misdirection became vastly more entertaining than the illusion it was designed to facilitate, and as a result we just wind up feeling tricked, and annoyed, and wondering why we went along with all of it.”

I very much agree with what Sepinwall says. Although, I loved Ted and Robin together, they were just not right for each other considering the past that they have been through. I also did feel very annoyed and tricked that they killed off the children’s mother, who although only was in a couple episodes, everyone fell in love with. It was just very confusing because the entire show is a buildup to meeting the mother, but then she just dies, and Ted end up with his first girlfriend of the show. Even though this ending wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I still love the show.


~iPhone 6 drama~

As we all know the iPhone 6 was released last month, on September 19th.  In the first three days after its release 10 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus were sold.  The iPhone 6 was supposed to be “bigger, better, sleeker, and faster.” It was supposed to come with a larger screen, a boosted processor, better camera, and improved battery. It also comes with new updates, new apps, iMessageing features, and a new iCloud drive.

Although these new phones are filled with new updates they have come with many problems. For example, rapid battery draining, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your phone to charge, using it for an hour and it being at ten percent battery. It has also been reported that the sound will not work, the wifi is slow and often drops signal, and the iMessages won’t send.

There have also been bizarre reports about the iPhone 6 bending while in the owners pocket. A few people realized this a couple of days after purchasing their iPhone 6s, that when they had their phones in their back pockets they will bend. This sent off a trend of people bending their phones to see if they actually did bend, and well they did.

In even more recent news, there is now a man reporting that his iPhone 6 caught on fire in his pocket after being bent. Phillip Lechter claims that his phone was so bent in his pocket that it punctured the battery which caused it to spark a fire. Lechter stated, “The doctor’s report described a 11.5 cm x 10.5 cm burn area on my right leg and classified the burn as second-degree with first-degree burns surrounding the area,”

I found all of this information very interesting, especially because I am currently the owner of an iPhone 3. Yes they still exist. I do not understand the crazy hype about new iPhones. I understand that they are cool. However, the amount of cool new updates on the new iPhones come along with about as much problems. These phones are also extremely expensive, and to keep buying the new one every time it comes out is just absurd(in my opinion). Also I’m glad that so many people figured out that if they bend a phone that they paid lots of money it probably will actually bend. And as for the guy who was lit on fire by his iPhone 6, well that is just bizarre.

The Dancing Traffic Light 

The video posted above is a PR stunt to promote street safety. The video begins by showing how nobody likes to wait at street lights, which makes them a very dangerous place to be. However, thought of a fun and entertaining way to make the time waiting at a street light go by faster. So they introduced the dancing traffic light. They had people dancing in a special booth and it showed them as the dancing traffic light in real time. As a result of the dancing traffic light 81% more people stopped at the light, and they also enjoyed themselves while doing this! I thought this video was very cute and creative. The beginning of the video is very true, nobody likes to wait. However, once you give people something entertaining to do or watch it can be a fun and effective way to promote street safety.

Creepin on Social Media

The types of social media that I currently use include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. To use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat I use my IPhone. I sometimes use my phone to look at Facebook but, I mostly use my laptop so I can see the pictures on a bigger screen. I use Facebook to look at my friend’s pictures and statuses and to also upload my own pictures.

I use Facebook mainly to keep up with what my friends and family are doing. I enjoy seeing new pictures from the previous weekend and seeing what fun things that they did. I also like showing my family and friends the fun things that I have been up to. Another thing I enjoy on Facebook is reading the random buzz feed articles that always show up on my feed. I use twitter mainly just to look at something when I’m bored. It is another good way to see what your friends are up to or to get a good laugh from a funny tweet. On twitter I follow many famous people and that is always interesting to see what they have to say. Although, I enjoy reading what other people tweet, I myself do not tweet very much at all. I don’t often feel the need to put my every thought out there for everyone to read. However, when I do think of a good tweet and I get a lot of favorites I love it! Instagram is probably my second favorite form of social media. I enjoy looking at Instagram because the types of enhancing and effects that you can put on the pictures. I also enjoy using these cool effects on my own pictures. My favorite form of social media is snapchat because who doesn’t love taking ugly/funny pictures of themselves and sending them to their friends?

It is also another way to keep up with what my friends are doing. For example, I could tell you what one of my friend’s entire night consisted of just by looking at their snap story. I could not think of one function missing from any of these types of social media. There are so many functions for each one, that it is almost too much. The social media that I use the most is definitely Snapchat. I use this the most because it is the most entertaining.

5 reasons to watch the Kardashians, & 5 reasons not to

We all know that the Kardashians are one of the most famous families in pop culture but, none of us know why. It is a common joke that the Kardashians are famous for being famous. And well this is pretty much true. However, their reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians has become extremely popular since it first aired in 2007. Personally, over the years I have had a love hate relationship with the Kardashian family. And I have noticed that most of my friends and family members feel the same way about this wacky family. So here are 5 reasons to watch the Kardashians, and 5 reasons not to.

5 Reasons to watch:

1. They’re entertaining! This family is full of wild women and a couple men who couldnt win a fight to save their lives. The Kardashian sisters are always doing crazy things. Whether it is scripted or not, it is very entertaining to watch.

2.Sometimes it is interesting to see how rich they actually are. For example, the Kardashians take a family trip, I dont know maybe three-four times a year, to some extravagant location. They’re lifestyles are absolutely ridiculous but it is cool to see all of these beutiful places that they go to. (places that most of us could only dream of going.)

(Look at that beautiful background!!)

3.Kim’s crying face.

4. Scott Dissick. At the beginning of the show Scott was a stuck up jerk. And well now he hasn’t changed much but, he has become very likeable. He adores Kourtney and their cute little family but, he also makes fun of the Kardashian family all of the time, and it is hilarious.

5. The clothes!! Although, most of us would never be able to afford the amazing clothes that the Kardashians wear, they are still fun to look at!

5 Reasons not to watch:

1.They are ridiculous! This family is absolutely insane, and the things that they complain about are mind blowing considering the amount of money they have!

2. Kris Jenner (enough said)

3. Bruce Jenners strange and very questinable plastic surgeries…

4. It is reality TV and most of the time it it very fake and scripted to the point where its almost uncomfortable to watch.

5. Because they are NOT. famous. for. anything.

My Comments

This post caught my attention (not only because of the terrifying video) but your opening sentence, “for people who don’t know or care about anything football related.” I can totally relate! I had no idea who this guy was until this video. I definitely agree that it is going to take more than an interview to get him out of this mess. This video is absolutely crazy! And the fact that this happened in February and we are just hearing about it now blows my mind. But thanks for sharing this post! I am going to watch the interview now!