Hong Kongers aim to “civilize” mainland tourists

There is an article posted on Gentleman Marketing Agency titled: China: Guidelines on “civilized travel abroad.” This article stated that Hong Kongers were very frustrated by the uncivilized connduct of mainland tourists. So to clean up the acts of the many tourists the national tourism administration issued an elaborate 64 page rule book for mainland tourists to learn how to act in a civilized manner while abroad. The rule book even included pictures! Some of the rules included : refrain from limp handshakes, do not pick your nose in public, do not take airplane life jackets as gifts, do not leave foot prints on the toilet seat, and do not coerce locals to take your photo.

I thought this article was hilarious. The fact that Hong Kong tourism administration had to even issue this is ridiculous. However, if people are really acting this way then someone has to do something about it! Hopefully these guidelines and cartoons help the mainland tourists to get their acts together!

Tourist chinese


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