Advice to new bloggers

When I began blogging I had no idea what I was doing and, to be completely honest I am still not exactly sure that I do now. I had never even read a blog before this class. So it was a little difficult for me to adjust to this type of writing.

Although I am not an expert at blogging I can try my best to think up some advice…

While blogging I think it is important to be as creative as possible. The more creative you are the more exciting and interesting it is for your readers. While reading through my classmates blogs I would think to myself wow this person must have been writing blogs for years, and I think that I thought this because of how creative their posts were.

I also think it is important to be yourself in your blog. In other writing assignments we are supposed to sound as professional as possible. I could be wrong but I have gotten the feeling that in blogs you are allowed to write a little bit more like you actually talk. I definitely think it makes the post more interesting. It also makes the posts more relatable, because you are reading something that sounds like any twenty year old would talk.

My last piece of advice would be to emphasize the use of pictures, gifs, and videos! Lets be honest when your surfing the internet its not the words that grab your attention its the pictures! These pictures, videos, and gifs could really liven up your blog and also add excitement. 

I’ve really enjoyed writing my blogs this semester. It was definitely a learning experience for me. But I think over the semester I got the hang of it, sort of. I hope those just starting  out blogging have as good of as an experience as I did!


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