“Trim the Tree” Party

November 18th and I am already hearing Christmas music all over the radio. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but, I am not one of those people who starts getting out the decorations the day after Halloween. Although it is a little early it is almost impossible to escape the “Christmassy” feeling, especially around campus. There has been snow on the ground for about a week now, it is freezing cold, and the cafeteria, Rogo, and the library have already been decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations!

Every year the library staff sends out an email inviting the entire campus to attend the “Trim the Tree” party, held in the library. The email explains that there will be hot chocolate and cookies served, and you will have the opportunity to decorate the Christmas tree. The invite also states that anyone attending can learn how to make a mini-book ornament in which they can record a favorite holiday memory. There is also supplies to make garlands and paper snowflakes.

To be honest, for the most part when I receive random emails from St. Ambrose I usually delete them without even reading them. This is because there is just so many! I also am not really one to attend school events like this. However, today when I walked into the library (having no idea that this little party was going on) I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t planning on participating but, it was still nice to see everyone getting into the holiday spirit. As I was walking by, one of the head librarians (my old boss) stopped me and told me that I just had to have some cookies, take some hot chocolate and, put an ornament on the tree. At first I was hesitant but, those cookies did look good. So I put an ornament on the tree, poured some hot chocolate, and grabbed the biggest cookie there was and I was off to do some homework.

This time of the year is very stressful for most students. I was very stressed and freaked out about homework when I was walking into the library. And something as simple as the Trim the Tree party got me in a good mood and into the Christmas spirit! Therefore, for those who delete your emails before reading or don’t regularly attend school events I suggest you give them a try sometime! Something so simple could really turn your day around!


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