For my marketing class we had an assignment to find an advertisement and assess the quality of the advertisement. Since advertising can go hand in hand with public relations I thought that I would share the advertisement that I found.

This commercial aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. We probably all remember this because it is so darn CUTE! The  Budweiser commercial begins by showing a sale of puppy Labrador retrievers on a farm. One of the puppies continuously sneaks over to the Clydesdale farm next door and befriends a Clydesdale horse. The commercial goes on to show what an unbreakable and adorably cute bond the puppy and the horse have. When the puppy is adopted and has to leave his dear friend behind, all the Clydesdales chase after the car and force it to stop. Then it shows the puppy walking back down the gravel road followed by the Clydesdales. The commercial ends by showing the owners of the puppy and horse watching the two play together in the field. After this it shows the Budweiser symbol and the hash tag #BestBuds. Throughout the commercial the heart melting song “Let Her Go” by The Passengers is playing to make it just a little more dramatic and cute.

This commercial is not only heartwarming and adorable but, it also does a great job applying to it’s publics. The publics for this commercial would be people who mainly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, typically the girlfriends, wives, and mothers of men watching  the game. This commercial applies to women because of this sentimental story. It also aims at men watching the game, although Budweiser took a risk by affecting men’s softer side, it can also make them want to have a Budweiser with an old friend.


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