Trivia Crack

I had some trouble deciding which app to download. I already have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Groupme, what else could I possibly need? Then my friend told me to download the app “Trivia Crack.” She said that it is so much fun and that she is addicted. Therefore, to see what all the excitement was about I downloaded it (onto my iPhone 3.) Trivia Crack is a trivia game with six different categories: geography, history, art, science, entertainment and sports. You have the option to challenge your friends and search for opponents, get a random opponent, in which the game finds a random player that is on the same level of skill as you, or you can do a friends challenge where you invite your friends to a group challenge.

To start the game you press the spin button and this button spins around the wheel and randomly chooses one of the categories. Once it lands on a category you are presented with a trivia question and you have thirty seconds to answer it. If you answer correctly then you may spin the wheel again to answer another question. If you are not correct then it is the opponents turn. In order to win this game you are required to answer three questions correctly and then you receive a cute little icon that represents one of the categories. Once you have received all six of them then you have won the game.

For the most part I enjoyed this app. It’s always exciting to test your trivia knowledge. However, some questions were so out of this world that I don’t know how any body could answer them correctly. Also I found that this game was slow, after you didn’t answer correctly you had to wait for your opponent to answer. And sometimes this would take a long time which was annoying and it made me lose interest. Therefore, this was a fun little game for a while but, I didn’t get as “addicted” to it as my friend did.


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