Creepin on Social Media

The types of social media that I currently use include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. To use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat I use my IPhone. I sometimes use my phone to look at Facebook but, I mostly use my laptop so I can see the pictures on a bigger screen. I use Facebook to look at my friend’s pictures and statuses and to also upload my own pictures.

I use Facebook mainly to keep up with what my friends and family are doing. I enjoy seeing new pictures from the previous weekend and seeing what fun things that they did. I also like showing my family and friends the fun things that I have been up to. Another thing I enjoy on Facebook is reading the random buzz feed articles that always show up on my feed. I use twitter mainly just to look at something when I’m bored. It is another good way to see what your friends are up to or to get a good laugh from a funny tweet. On twitter I follow many famous people and that is always interesting to see what they have to say. Although, I enjoy reading what other people tweet, I myself do not tweet very much at all. I don’t often feel the need to put my every thought out there for everyone to read. However, when I do think of a good tweet and I get a lot of favorites I love it! Instagram is probably my second favorite form of social media. I enjoy looking at Instagram because the types of enhancing and effects that you can put on the pictures. I also enjoy using these cool effects on my own pictures. My favorite form of social media is snapchat because who doesn’t love taking ugly/funny pictures of themselves and sending them to their friends?

It is also another way to keep up with what my friends are doing. For example, I could tell you what one of my friend’s entire night consisted of just by looking at their snap story. I could not think of one function missing from any of these types of social media. There are so many functions for each one, that it is almost too much. The social media that I use the most is definitely Snapchat. I use this the most because it is the most entertaining.


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