5 reasons to watch the Kardashians, & 5 reasons not to

We all know that the Kardashians are one of the most famous families in pop culture but, none of us know why. It is a common joke that the Kardashians are famous for being famous. And well this is pretty much true. However, their reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians has become extremely popular since it first aired in 2007. Personally, over the years I have had a love hate relationship with the Kardashian family. And I have noticed that most of my friends and family members feel the same way about this wacky family. So here are 5 reasons to watch the Kardashians, and 5 reasons not to.

5 Reasons to watch:

1. They’re entertaining! This family is full of wild women and a couple men who couldnt win a fight to save their lives. The Kardashian sisters are always doing crazy things. Whether it is scripted or not, it is very entertaining to watch.

2.Sometimes it is interesting to see how rich they actually are. For example, the Kardashians take a family trip, I dont know maybe three-four times a year, to some extravagant location. They’re lifestyles are absolutely ridiculous but it is cool to see all of these beutiful places that they go to. (places that most of us could only dream of going.)

(Look at that beautiful background!!)

3.Kim’s crying face.

4. Scott Dissick. At the beginning of the show Scott was a stuck up jerk. And well now he hasn’t changed much but, he has become very likeable. He adores Kourtney and their cute little family but, he also makes fun of the Kardashian family all of the time, and it is hilarious.

5. The clothes!! Although, most of us would never be able to afford the amazing clothes that the Kardashians wear, they are still fun to look at!

5 Reasons not to watch:

1.They are ridiculous! This family is absolutely insane, and the things that they complain about are mind blowing considering the amount of money they have!

2. Kris Jenner (enough said)

3. Bruce Jenners strange and very questinable plastic surgeries…

4. It is reality TV and most of the time it it very fake and scripted to the point where its almost uncomfortable to watch.

5. Because they are NOT. famous. for. anything.


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