Surfing the Blogosphere

For my first post, I was given an assignment to surf the blogosphere. I am very new to the world of blogging so I didn’t really know where to start. When I thought of what blog I could study, the first one that came to mind was Perez Hilton’s. I didn’t know much about it but, I did know that it is very popular and that he regularly blogs about celebrities. 

I thoroughly enjoy celebrity gossip, no matter how ridiculous and insignificant it is. Therefore, I really enjoyed reading Perez’s blog. (I haven’t watched E News in a while and, it was nice to catch up on my celebrity gossip.) I really liked all of the pictures and GIFs of the celebrities that he was blogging about. (If you didn’t know, apparently GIFs are those pictures that make little movements, like dancing or jumping.) I also liked how the middle part of the page was filled with the main stories and on the side it had headlines and pictures for smaller stories. Throughout his blog, Perez writes in a very casual way. The way he writes in his blog reminded me of how my friends and I would speak to one another. I definitely think that this made it easier and more interesting to read.

I really liked this blog however; I think that some parts might be a little too flashy. I also think that there might be a little too much information on the page which makes it look cluttered and, also makes it difficult to browse through.

There are many aspects of Perez’s blog that I would like to incorporate into mine. His entire blog is filled with attention grabbers. Each title is either very exciting or intriguing. They also either contain capital letters or exclamation points. I am not sure if this type of writing will be necessary in my blog but, I do hope to incorporate many attention grabbers.


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