Hong Kongers aim to “civilize” mainland tourists

There is an article posted on Gentleman Marketing Agency titled: China: Guidelines on “civilized travel abroad.” This article stated that Hong Kongers were very frustrated by the uncivilized connduct of mainland tourists. So to clean up the acts of the many tourists the national tourism administration issued an elaborate 64 page rule book for mainland tourists to learn how to act in a civilized manner while abroad. The rule book even included pictures! Some of the rules included : refrain from limp handshakes, do not pick your nose in public, do not take airplane life jackets as gifts, do not leave foot prints on the toilet seat, and do not coerce locals to take your photo.

I thought this article was hilarious. The fact that Hong Kong tourism administration had to even issue this is ridiculous. However, if people are really acting this way then someone has to do something about it! Hopefully these guidelines and cartoons help the mainland tourists to get their acts together!

Tourist chinese


Advice to new bloggers

When I began blogging I had no idea what I was doing and, to be completely honest I am still not exactly sure that I do now. I had never even read a blog before this class. So it was a little difficult for me to adjust to this type of writing.

Although I am not an expert at blogging I can try my best to think up some advice…

While blogging I think it is important to be as creative as possible. The more creative you are the more exciting and interesting it is for your readers. While reading through my classmates blogs I would think to myself wow this person must have been writing blogs for years, and I think that I thought this because of how creative their posts were.

I also think it is important to be yourself in your blog. In other writing assignments we are supposed to sound as professional as possible. I could be wrong but I have gotten the feeling that in blogs you are allowed to write a little bit more like you actually talk. I definitely think it makes the post more interesting. It also makes the posts more relatable, because you are reading something that sounds like any twenty year old would talk.

My last piece of advice would be to emphasize the use of pictures, gifs, and videos! Lets be honest when your surfing the internet its not the words that grab your attention its the pictures! These pictures, videos, and gifs could really liven up your blog and also add excitement. 

I’ve really enjoyed writing my blogs this semester. It was definitely a learning experience for me. But I think over the semester I got the hang of it, sort of. I hope those just starting  out blogging have as good of as an experience as I did!


For my marketing class we had an assignment to find an advertisement and assess the quality of the advertisement. Since advertising can go hand in hand with public relations I thought that I would share the advertisement that I found.

This commercial aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. We probably all remember this because it is so darn CUTE! The  Budweiser commercial begins by showing a sale of puppy Labrador retrievers on a farm. One of the puppies continuously sneaks over to the Clydesdale farm next door and befriends a Clydesdale horse. The commercial goes on to show what an unbreakable and adorably cute bond the puppy and the horse have. When the puppy is adopted and has to leave his dear friend behind, all the Clydesdales chase after the car and force it to stop. Then it shows the puppy walking back down the gravel road followed by the Clydesdales. The commercial ends by showing the owners of the puppy and horse watching the two play together in the field. After this it shows the Budweiser symbol and the hash tag #BestBuds. Throughout the commercial the heart melting song “Let Her Go” by The Passengers is playing to make it just a little more dramatic and cute.

This commercial is not only heartwarming and adorable but, it also does a great job applying to it’s publics. The publics for this commercial would be people who mainly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, typically the girlfriends, wives, and mothers of men watching  the game. This commercial applies to women because of this sentimental story. It also aims at men watching the game, although Budweiser took a risk by affecting men’s softer side, it can also make them want to have a Budweiser with an old friend.

“Trim the Tree” Party

November 18th and I am already hearing Christmas music all over the radio. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but, I am not one of those people who starts getting out the decorations the day after Halloween. Although it is a little early it is almost impossible to escape the “Christmassy” feeling, especially around campus. There has been snow on the ground for about a week now, it is freezing cold, and the cafeteria, Rogo, and the library have already been decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations!

Every year the library staff sends out an email inviting the entire campus to attend the “Trim the Tree” party, held in the library. The email explains that there will be hot chocolate and cookies served, and you will have the opportunity to decorate the Christmas tree. The invite also states that anyone attending can learn how to make a mini-book ornament in which they can record a favorite holiday memory. There is also supplies to make garlands and paper snowflakes.

To be honest, for the most part when I receive random emails from St. Ambrose I usually delete them without even reading them. This is because there is just so many! I also am not really one to attend school events like this. However, today when I walked into the library (having no idea that this little party was going on) I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t planning on participating but, it was still nice to see everyone getting into the holiday spirit. As I was walking by, one of the head librarians (my old boss) stopped me and told me that I just had to have some cookies, take some hot chocolate and, put an ornament on the tree. At first I was hesitant but, those cookies did look good. So I put an ornament on the tree, poured some hot chocolate, and grabbed the biggest cookie there was and I was off to do some homework.

This time of the year is very stressful for most students. I was very stressed and freaked out about homework when I was walking into the library. And something as simple as the Trim the Tree party got me in a good mood and into the Christmas spirit! Therefore, for those who delete your emails before reading or don’t regularly attend school events I suggest you give them a try sometime! Something so simple could really turn your day around!

Trivia Crack

I had some trouble deciding which app to download. I already have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Groupme, what else could I possibly need? Then my friend told me to download the app “Trivia Crack.” She said that it is so much fun and that she is addicted. Therefore, to see what all the excitement was about I downloaded it (onto my iPhone 3.) Trivia Crack is a trivia game with six different categories: geography, history, art, science, entertainment and sports. You have the option to challenge your friends and search for opponents, get a random opponent, in which the game finds a random player that is on the same level of skill as you, or you can do a friends challenge where you invite your friends to a group challenge.

To start the game you press the spin button and this button spins around the wheel and randomly chooses one of the categories. Once it lands on a category you are presented with a trivia question and you have thirty seconds to answer it. If you answer correctly then you may spin the wheel again to answer another question. If you are not correct then it is the opponents turn. In order to win this game you are required to answer three questions correctly and then you receive a cute little icon that represents one of the categories. Once you have received all six of them then you have won the game.

For the most part I enjoyed this app. It’s always exciting to test your trivia knowledge. However, some questions were so out of this world that I don’t know how any body could answer them correctly. Also I found that this game was slow, after you didn’t answer correctly you had to wait for your opponent to answer. And sometimes this would take a long time which was annoying and it made me lose interest. Therefore, this was a fun little game for a while but, I didn’t get as “addicted” to it as my friend did.

Comment #3

This post really caught my eye not just because of the clever title but the picture! That video and picture are very gross and disturbing. However, I think that this campaign could really get the point across to the people of London. Hopefully this video is so shocking that it will get them to dispose of their cigarette butts the right way!

Comment #2

I enjoyed reading your post very much. I have been hearing all about this new app and I had no idea what it was and what it’s point was. But now I do! I completely agree with your statement about it being childish sometimes. I am sure that people can be very inappropriate on it, especially because it’s anonymous! However, I’m sure it can also be very entertaining, so I am going to have to check it out myself!